Claude 2 vs ChatGPT: 5 Key Differences You Should Know

Sep 11, 2023

The AI landscape is seeing a new contender, Claude 2, which stands as a noteworthy alternative to ChatGPT. Both tools are available at no cost to users, yet Claude 2 may have an edge over OpenAI’s platform from the get-go. As previously mentioned, Claude 2’s capabilities resemble those of ChatGPT’s GPT-4 model, a premium feature exclusively accessible with a $20 monthly subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

Equally important is Claude 2’s emphasis on ethical AI construction. While it doesn’t imply that industry giants like OpenAI, Microsoft, or Google are unconcerned about user welfare, Anthropic, the creators of Claude 2, appear to place significant focus on the ethical implications of AI development.

Moreover, there are several distinct advantages of Claude 2 over ChatGPT that may appeal to those seeking a high-end AI experience without the accompanying cost.

Access to Updated Web Information

Recently, I utilized ChatGPT to purchase running shoes tailored to specific criteria. However, I was fully aware that OpenAI’s dataset only goes up to September 2021. Claude 2, not connected to the web either, has an advantage here due to its training on a more recent dataset, extending up to December 2022. This gives Claude 2 over a year’s worth of additional data, reducing your reliance on traditional search methods.

File Upload for Automatic Summarization

Claude 2 surpasses ChatGPT with its ability to upload files to Anthropic servers. It allows you to upload up to five files (each no more than 10MB) per prompt, which it then summarizes without additional input. This function could be a game-changer for understanding complex documents or lengthy readings like scientific studies or technical papers.

Higher Word Processing Capacity

While generative AI products offer free access, they do incur operational costs, hence word processing limitations. ChatGPT can handle 8,000 tokens per prompt, while Claude 2 can process a whopping 100,000 tokens, equivalent to about 75,000 words. This makes Claude 2 a more efficient option for summarizing large volumes of content.

Ability to Read Online Article Links

Despite not being connected to the live internet, Claude 2 has the ability to read links to online content, a feature that is absent in ChatGPT. This means you can still access web content through Claude 2 by including links in your prompts.

Potential to Bypass Paywalled Content?

An interesting discovery during testing was Claude 2’s seeming ability to bypass paywalled content. Although this could breach copyright laws and is likely to be rectified by Anthropic, it currently stands as another difference between Claude 2 and ChatGPT.

In conclusion, while both platforms have their strengths, these five key differences set Claude 2 apart, making it an attractive alternative to those seeking a premium AI experience without the associated cost.